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The Planisphere of the Heavens

The Planisphere of the Heavens

186 Pages
Edition: Sunnyside Edition
Published: June 01, 2010
Language: English
Author: Steven E. Behrmann
Paperback Price: $9.72

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A book of maps for locating the sacred constellations of the sky along with the star names and what they mean.

For sometime I have been advised that while we have written much about the stars and their biblical or ancient meanings we have not given the unfamiliar reader a working knowledge of exactly where these stars are found in the night sky. The aim of this very simple guide is to provide a small instruction book that pinpoints more specifically each of the more famous stars, their names, and their ancient meanings.

A planisphere is simply a map of the heavens. Perhaps the reader has owned or at least seen one of the circular sky maps that can be adjusted for the season and place for which one is viewing the night sky. These spherical maps are called “planispheres” because they map the plane or canopy of the sky in spherical fashion.