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About this Website

The purpose of this website and the series of lectures and books associated with it, though, is not so much to share the author’s particular view of the Revelation, as it is to encourage individual students of the fascinating Apocalypse to study it for themselves and to find relevant meaning for their life and experience today. Further, this ministry is dedicated to teaching students how to safely interpret prophecy for themselves. So many confusing and strange interpretations are offered to the modern hearer that it has become necessary to teach Seventh-day Adventists (and all Christians for that matter), the Bible rules for interpreting and understanding figurative and apocalyptic biblical literature.

Posted on this website will be video lectures taking the study of Revelation from the beginning chapters to the very end of the book. These lectures can be largely reviewed through the seven volume set of The Days of the Seventh Angel. These are available in both printed and pdf. form. The books are only meant to be a noted guide, or commentary, and not the last word on meaning and interpretation. They are meant to encourage the student of Revelation in his or her study, especially focusing on the difficult portions of the book. The title of the book series comes from Revelation 10:7 where it says that “in the days of the seventh angel….when he is about to sound, that the mystery of God should be finished….” It is the conviction of the author that our current generation is living in the days of every “seventh” angel described in the book of Revelation.

The overall approach is a balance between that of spiritual exhortation and that of academic inquiry. The ultimate purpose of Revelation’s prophecy is one of spiritual preparation for what is coming on the earth. But the academic pursuit is necessary to guard against the wild, speculative, and sensational views often promoted. The ultimate purpose is to find and heed the spiritual and Christ-centered counsel given in the book. The focus of this series is not aimed at identifying and exorcising beasts and demons, but rather on bringing revival and reformation to God’s people and giving them the information that prepares them for the days ahead.

The lectures are aimed at a Seventh-day Adventist audience. They are meant to reform and revive, and to lead to an advanced understanding of Revelation’s basic themes. All Christians are more than welcome to listen in to these lectures, of course, but prior familiarity with Revelation’s messages through personal study or through a basic Revelation Seminar might be necessary to fully understand the nature of these books and presentations.

For convenience, some of the authors’s other books, or links to them, are offered on the website for those interested. They cover a broad range of theology, devotion, prophecy, and biblical astronomy.

May God bless each student of his special Word as they prepare to meet their Lord.