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6 - Numbers in Prophecy

Steve E. Behrmann | March 01, 2014

“There is a sacred significance in numbers. . . not fanciful; but proceeding from the very nature of things, well settled in the Scriptures, and universally acknowledged in all the highest and deepest systems of human thought and religion.”----Joseph Seiss


One is the source and parent of all numbers. In the Scripture one is equated with God who is one and is the first cause or beginning of all creation (Mark 12:32; Deut. 6:4)


Two represents basic relational and reflexive completeness: Marital oneness; mutual helpers fit for each other. Perfection of equality and balance; per a scale; or feet, hands, or horns, etc.


Three represents corporate or familial completeness: The Trinity are three in one-a strong triangle.Three is indicative of a family; product of two. Two and three make a church; ”where two or three are gathered”


Four is the universal number. It represents spatial and dimensional completeness; especially as regards this earthConnotes physical completeness

Four directions, Four seasons, Four winds, Four quarters of the earth, Four living creatures, Four rivers, Foursquare city


Five represents progress, yet incompleteness: prolonged waiting. Fifth seal martyrs told to wait a while longer. Fifth trumpet--5 mo. of prolonged torment. Five foolish (of ten) bridesmaids in parable


Six represents Satan and men in their evil condition, falling short of the perfect seven: 6th seal, vial, trumpet; judgment on men, Man created on sixth day, Number of beast, Day of crucifixion, Common day of execution.


Seven is the number of dispensational fullness; It relates to time and temporary completeness: Examples numerous: Seven churches--historic time--# of succession, Cyclical week: # of REST, Essentially no sevens in Rev.21,22.


Eight is the number of resurrection and new beginnings: The Resurrection was on the eighth day of the Passion; a new week, Noah; the eighth person, Jewish child circumcised on 8th day.


Probably no prophetic significance. Sometimes has been equated with the Holy Spirit. Nine fruits in Galatians 5:22,23.


Ten is the number of judicial and political completeness: Beast has ten horns, Governmental completeness, Ten commandments; basis of judgment, Faithful tested ten days, Ten virgins represent the church in judgment.


Eleven probably has no distinctive prophetic significance.


Twelve is the number of Final and Eternal completeness: Twelve gates, foundations, fruits, months, etc:  twelve twelves, Number of God’s kingdom and people.


Combinations of numbers also significant:

666; the ultimate and powerful evil

1,000;  ten times ten times ten;  the ultimate judgment