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Soaring High

Soaring High

141 Pages
Edition: Sunnyside Edition
Published: August 12, 2009
Language: English
Author: Steven E. Behrmann
Paperback Price: $7.32

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sabbath blessing

Inspiring Stories of Sabbath Keeping (Book 2).

This book, Soaring High, is compiled as an addition to the first volume, Riding High. In both of these volumes the blessings found in keeping the seventh-day Sabbath are recounted in the form of a story collection. This present volume is still in formation and the editor would welcome additional stories and vignettes of a similar nature to complete the book.

In the first volume the point was made that keeping the Sabbath, when done right, is not a restrictive drudgery, but a delightful blessing. The following stories exonerate the same truth. Hopefully they will speak for themselves. May each reader find this blessed Sabbath experience in their own lives, as they rest in the love of their bountiful Creator and Redeemer.