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The Days of the Seventh Angel, Volume 2: The Seven Seals

The Days of the Seventh Angel, Volume 2: The Seven Seals

168 Pages
Edition: Milo Edition
Published: March 24, 2013
Language: English
Author: Steve Behrmann
Paperback Price: $7.29

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This is the second volume of a series of studies on the book of Revelation.

If the reader is unacquainted with the first book a few recommendations are necessary from the author’s perspective before one enters into this study. It is the hope of the author, of course, that any reader will start with the first volume, inasmuch as it contains the keys and interpretational tools that are used in the subsequent studies. Order in studying the Revelation is very important. But if this specified order cannot be observed I would like to offer a few comments.

The aim of this study is not to cause controversy, but to arouse the sleeping saints to the awesome words of revelation given to us as a people. The days of the voice of the seventh angel are upon us-- even now. Let us revive our souls in the pages of the great book of Revelation. Let us take to heart its messages. Let us warn others of the things soon to come before it’s too late; before the Great Censor of Grace crashes to this earth, never to be used again.

If any subject is pivotal to the understanding of Revelation's prophecies it is certainly the subject of interpretational approaches. The knowledge of how to interpret prophetic works must be carefully weighed and investigated by each expositor. Most important, the subject must be prayerfully considered and the mind must stay open.